Mee Jey ( INDIA) has carved her interdisciplinary art career working with various communities in India before receiving her MFA degree (2019) from Washington University in St. Louis as a McDonnell Scholar.

Enquiries about identity within larger geographical and temporal expanse have been her primary interest area. Through the idea of identity, she addresses larger global issues like the problem of waste, immigration, border, consumer culture and understanding of regions as centres and periphery. Beginning from single line drawings to sculptural installation and performances, her ideas take varied routes to form. 

Her forms are derived from pre-historical and historical art forms. With a research background in history, her contrasting of archetypal forms with contemporary subject matters are innovating way of bridging the two ends of time and spaces.  

Each of her series of work bears her physical trace as her processes are highly labor intensive and time-consuming. This technique assigns her works a distinct characteristic and invites the audience for a more sensorial experience.

Mee has collaborated and exhibited multiple time based and performative projects with her partner Jey Sushil. Together they performed a year-long video project – ‘365 days of Mee&Jey’ in 2019, 366 portrait series 'Constant Variable' in 2020 and 52 Week photo-performance series ' "I" in Togetherness' in 2016-17

Mee and Jey have worked extensively with different communities in 19 states of India and 2 states in the USA since 2013.

Mee has exhibited in Delhi and St Louis, Missouri, USA.

She is the recipient of McDonnell International Scholarship Award, Washington University in St. Louis (2017-19), LFP Fellowship by the Government of United States (2017) and Rajasthan State Acknowledgement Award (India, 2016).