My artistic journey has been interdisciplinary that ranges between drawing to paintings, sculptural installations, text and time-based media including performances. The approach is dialogical, which means I constantly strive to start a dialogue about my subjects of interest and methodologies. Since this dialogical aspect is a significant part of my art projects, process becomes as significant as final form/s. 

My practice derives heavily from my biographical events. I delve in matters pertaining to my political, social and philosophical understanding of ‘self’ and ‘others’ in the given socio-political scenario. I do not intend to resolve the matter as these subjects are of global significance and extent, but to explore them. I dig deep in my studio practice over my philosophical yearnings and talk about my life in performances. My public and private spaces overlap at several levels, just as my domestic and political realities seem to reflect each other. 

I venture out in the geographical expanse to connect with self and understand problems of others. I am as much a product of my society as much a change that I want to see in it. This dialectical process of give and take manifests itself in my community-based projects. 

In my community art projects, I not only initiate dialogue around proposed change but also initiate the change at functional level. These projects highlight the power of art and artist as agents for change and brings me closer to my internal realizations as a social being. In short, my practice is based on the dualities of conscious and subconscious realizations, historical and contemporary knowledge, ideas and forms, macro and micro, perception and knowledge, and play of femininity and masculinity.